Pour Vida Coffee Roasters Supports New Mexico Education

It was Kurt Vonnegut that wrote that the most daring thing a person could do with their life was to create stable communities. That doing so, true problems facing humanity may be cured.

We’re loosely quoting Vonnegut but his idea behind incremental, small change causing large change is profound. The idea was shared by Leo Tolstoy and Margaret Mead and evident in modern businesses like Warby Parker and their “Get a Pair, Give a Pair” campaign. It’s also what we believe at Pour Vida Coffee Roasters. That changing the world through coffee alone may be a stretch, but coffee can fuel our community and cultivate world-changing possibilities.

Pour Vida Coffee Community

We measure our company’s success through how we positively impact our community in New Mexico. So much in fact, that we set our business sales goals alongside our community goals. It started with a question we asked ourselves when we founded in July of 2016,

“How can we positively impact our community through coffee?”

To begin, it’s about transparency. Our decision was easy; use coffee beans that are ethically and responsibly procured. That is why we only source organic and fair-trade coffee beans. We strive to work with community farms rather than large distributors and partner with those that reward sustainability.

We ensure transparency with our roasts and deliver only the freshest coffee. As a small artisanal coffee roaster, we provide quality through roasting by hand. We also hand write the roast dates on every bag! It is important to us that you know exactly how fresh your coffee is.

Community Coffee, Albuquerque
Coffee cherries from a farm in Colombia.

That brings us to today. We know that making a positive impact on New Mexico means we must take further steps. This is why Pour Vida now directly supports nonprofits in the state.

In 2017, we will focus on the following educational nonprofits because education has a tremendous impact on economic and social prosperity.

Mountain Mahogany Albuquerque
Shepherd of the Valley Albuquerque
Be the Change Volunteers
Horizons Bosque School

A community page is established and each nonprofit is linked to coffee. Upon the purchase of the nonprofit’s coffee, Pour Vida will donate a portion of the sale to the nonprofit identified.

This is the first of many ways Pour Vida plans to partner and support the local community that has been so kind to us. Each year, we will partner with other local non-profits that are making positive changes within New Mexico communities. We look forward to our journey in 2017 and beyond.

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