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Erin Ferreira
Pour Vida


Pour Vida roasts coffee in its North Valley warehouse and ships to all 50 states for free.

Albuquerque, NM: There is a common theme in truly great coffee: freshness. There are many noteworthy origins and varieties, but coffee consumed within 10-14 days of roast will beat anything store-bought. The grocery store model isn’t efficient enough to get coffee on the shelves in under a week of being roasted, and that’s why they seldom even show a roast date. Albuquerque has many great local roasters, but it is an extra errand to run every week and most people are already juggling busy schedules.

Enter Pour Vida. This Albuquerque start-up crafts high-quality coffee that ships within 24 hours. Through a special partnership with the US Postal Service, their coffee will arrive within 5 days of roasting in all 50 states, and within 2 days in New Mexico. Even better, shipping is absolutely free!

Here’s how it works:

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“The fact that this coffee is roasted just two days before I grind it and brew it makes an enormous difference in flavor. I didn’t know what I was missing.” – Jason

“As a self-proclaimed coffee snob who wouldn’t wince when having to pay a premium for the best coffee bean and roast–I am impressed!” – Shaun

“From the moment I opened my mailbox, and experienced the scent of fresh roasted coffee, I knew that I’ve never had coffee this fresh before.” — Kyle
Pour Vida has gone to great length to produce the highest quality coffee:

• Pour Vida sources only organic & fair trade coffee beans. They strive to work with community farms rather than large distributors to ensure sustainable practices are being rewarded.
• All coffee is hand-roasted in small batches rather than the autonomous machine roasting larger roasters employ.
• Pour Vida uses advanced technology to track every individual batch and makes sure it meets their high quality standards.
• Pour Vida keeps no roasted inventory, which ensures every bag they sell is as fresh as possible.
• Pour Vida also has a wholesale program and will deliver fresh-roasted coffee to restaurants and businesses in the Albuquerque area.

About Pour Vida: Pour Vida (http://pourvida.com) was founded by Erin Ferreira, Arien Gessner, and Jamie Rushad Gros.

• Erin Ferreira is a NM attorney that attended law school at UNM, and the former Children’s Cabinet Director for the state of New Mexico.
• Arien Gessner is an Albuquerque-based business strategist with degree in Economics and an MBA from UNM.
• Jamie is a designer, web developer, and technology thought leader with a degree in Fine Arts from UNM. Jamie has received many design awards, including a Gold Addy Award.

The underlying concept behind Pour Vida began when Arien was attending the EMBA program at the Anderson School of Management. Arien was as award winner in UNM’s annual business plan competition, which provided the initial start-up capital for Pour Vida.

• For more information on Pour Vida or to request photographs, contact Erin Ferreira (erin@pourvida.com).
• For more on UNM’s EMBA program, contact Audrey Arnold (aarnold5@unm.edu).
• For more on UNM’s Business Plan Competition, contact Suleiman Kassicieh (sul@unm.edu).


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