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Pour Vida’s subscription roasts are perfect for regular coffee drinkers that appreciate fresh coffee without the hassle of a trip to the store. Our coffees are whole bean and 100% organic from community farms in Colombia, Rwanda, and Guatemala. 14 oz. bags provide between 22 – 27 cups. Read more about our roasts.



The coffee is hand-roasted on our signature small batch roaster. Though hand crafted, we rely on sophisticated technology to compare each batch to the master roast profile for quality assurance. If a batch doesn’t match our quality guidelines, it will never reach your doorstep.

Light Roast: This coffee is from the Lake Kivu region, a special area in Rwanda. The climate of the lake combines with volcanic soil to create enchanting cherry fruit tones. What makes these beans extra exciting is that they are certified organic, a rarity in African coffees outside of Ethiopia.

COOPAC is a Fair Trade certified cooperative that began with 110 farmers in 2001, and today has over 2,200 members. COOPAC is committed to environmental and social sustainability in addition to producing high quality coffee. Waste by-products created during the coffee washing process are used to as fertilizer rather than discarded into the lake, and shade trees are distributed to farmers to prevent soil erosion. COOPAC has assisted in the construction of a school, health-care clinics, and roads and bridges in the community, and has a program to distribute cows and goats to the most productive farmers. COOPAC also provides farmers with an agricultural advisor to educate the growers about the latest production methods.


Medium Roast:Guatemala has a long tradition in producing high quality coffee. Its unique microclimates can create subtly unique coffees from valley to valley, and its lush environment and aggressive topography allow it to produce exquisite coffees that are among the best in the world.

ASDECAFE, a Sustainable Coffee Association of Guatemala, produces washed Arabica coffees of excellent quality from the Huehuetenango and El Quiche regions. It is a coalition of Associations and Cooperatives, including private plantations and family groups. ASDECAFE’s concept of “sustainability” is based on a strong commitment to the protection of the environment, equal distribution of the generated profits, business transparency, a strong commitment to quality and long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. ASDECAFE has FAIR TRADE and Organic certification.


Medium-Dark Roast: Pour Vida’s House Roast is sourced from the ASOCANAFI community farm in Western Colombia. ASOCANAFI comprises mostly indigenous coffee growing families from the native group Nasa We’sx, averaging three to four members and 50 years of coffee growing experience apiece.



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