It was May 2012 at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. Neil Gaiman addressed the University of the Arts graduated class with the same care he takes with his writing. He delivered one of the greatest commencement speeches of all time. So potent that it not only inspired the graduating class of 2012 but every person motivated to make good art. Neil so eloquently stated, “Life is sometimes hard. Things go wrong, in life and in love and in business and in friendship and in health and in all other ways that life can go wrong. And when things get tough, this is what you should do. Make good art.”

We’ll pause here and repeat, “Make good art.”

Make good art is a statement that is true for the good and bad times and as timeless as the adage “this too shall pass.” At Pour Vida, our coffee is our good art. It’s how we express ourselves and put love into the world. For the following artists, coffee is the medium and much like the beloved author Neil Gaiman, their art is simply stunning.

1. Ghidaq al-Nizar

Ghidaq al-Nizar is from Sumedang, Indonesia. A big coffee-lover, he was inspired to do art when he received a latte Rosetta and was bored with the pattern. Al-Nizar started with latte art, but eventually added coffee grounds to his art, too, as #zerowastecoffee.@coffeetopia

Coffee Art Coffee Art

2. Giulia Bernardelli

The majority of her work is a hybrid of painting and photography. First, she creates a small image out of coffee pigment — either on paper or inside the bottom of a cup itself. Then she takes a photo with the cup still in the shot. @bernulia

3. Steven Mikel

Steven Mikel,  is an American painter born in South Bend, Indiana in 1959. Formally trained in Photography and Technical Illustration, Steven began his fine art career as a realism painter focused on revealing the overlooked or unnoticed beauty tucked away in the details of the world around us. Mr. Mikel worked with traditional watercolors until 2008 when he began experimenting with brewed coffee. Having always loved the warmth of sepia tones, he extensively researched and successfully developed a process ensuring that his coffee paintings have the stability and preservation factors equal that of oil paintings. Courtesy:

"Breakwater" Coffee Painting


Dr. Phillips Center South Coffee Painting

Dr. Phillips Center South

4. Karen Eland

Karen has been a creator since childhood, but a portrait class at age 14 unexpectedly propelled her into an art career. Her love for coffee was born in the late Kaldi’s Coffeehouse in New Orleans, where she would go every day to sketch her fellow French Quarter locals while sipping a black coffee with a dash of nutmeg on top. Courtesy of

Sumatra Beans, c. Karen Eland 2009

Sumatra Beans, c. Karen Eland 2009


Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans, c. Karen Eland 2009

5. Vanni Mangoni

Australian artist Vanni Mangoni treats spilled coffee the way Vincent Van Gogh treated his oil paints, Michelangelo treated his blocks of marble, and Dali treated his mustache. To Mangoni, a coffee stain painting is more than a novelty, a quirky trick, or a creative way to look at breakfast. The coffee spill is a beacon of artistic possibility, both the paint and the canvas, waiting to be transformed into his vision. Courtesy

Peyote Tunnel

Peyote Tunnel

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves










It was Kurt Vonnegut that wrote that the most daring thing a person could do with their life was to create stable communities. That doing so, true problems facing humanity may be cured.

We’re loosely quoting Vonnegut but his idea behind incremental, small change causing large change is profound. The idea was shared by Leo Tolstoy and Margaret Mead and evident in modern businesses like Warby Parker and their “Get a Pair, Give a Pair” campaign. It’s also what we believe at Pour Vida Coffee Roasters. That changing the world through coffee alone may be a stretch, but coffee can fuel our community and cultivate world-changing possibilities.

Pour Vida Coffee Community

We measure our company’s success through how we positively impact our community in New Mexico. So much in fact, that we set our business sales goals alongside our community goals. It started with a question we asked ourselves when we founded in July of 2016,

“How can we positively impact our community through coffee?”

To begin, it’s about transparency. Our decision was easy; use coffee beans that are ethically and responsibly procured. That is why we only source organic and fair-trade coffee beans. We strive to work with community farms rather than large distributors and partner with those that reward sustainability.

We ensure transparency with our roasts and deliver only the freshest coffee. As a small artisanal coffee roaster, we provide quality through roasting by hand. We also hand write the roast dates on every bag! It is important to us that you know exactly how fresh your coffee is.

Community Coffee, Albuquerque
Coffee cherries from a farm in Colombia.

That brings us to today. We know that making a positive impact on New Mexico means we must take further steps. This is why Pour Vida now directly supports nonprofits in the state.

In 2017, we will focus on the following educational nonprofits because education has a tremendous impact on economic and social prosperity.

Mountain Mahogany Albuquerque
Shepherd of the Valley Albuquerque
Be the Change Volunteers
Horizons Bosque School

A community page is established and each nonprofit is linked to coffee. Upon the purchase of the nonprofit’s coffee, Pour Vida will donate a portion of the sale to the nonprofit identified.

This is the first of many ways Pour Vida plans to partner and support the local community that has been so kind to us. Each year, we will partner with other local non-profits that are making positive changes within New Mexico communities. We look forward to our journey in 2017 and beyond.

Erin Ferreira
Pour Vida

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (January 9, 2017)

Pour Vida Coffee Roasters has committed to donate a portion of its sales to local non-profits.

Albuquerque, NM: Pour Vida Coffee Roasters (, a subscription-based artisan coffee roaster that launched in July 2016, is committed to giving back to the community that supports its success.

What Pour Vida stands for— Pour Vida is committed to being a socially responsible New Mexico-based brand. By purchasing coffee beans that are responsibly and ethically procured, Pour Vida supports sustainability and transparency in business. Pour Vida is also conscious of the needs and challenges of its local community and believes that their business success is intertwined with the success of the New Mexico community.

How Pour Vida gives— each year Pour Vida will select and partner with local nonprofits that are making positive efforts and changes within New Mexico communities.

What Pour Vida gives— selected non-profits are listed on Pour Vida’s website ( If customers want to support a local nonprofit, they select one from the website. Upon the purchase of the non-profit’s coffee, Pour Vida will donate a portion of the sale to the nonprofit identified by the customer.

Pour Vida selected the following non-profits for 2017

  • Mountain Mahogany Community School
  • Shepherd of the Valley Preschool
  • Be the Change Volunteers
  • Horizons Albuquerque

About Pour Vida Coffee Roasters
As an artisan coffee roaster, Pour Vida crafts high-quality coffee and mails it to their customers within 24 hours after roasting.

  • Pour Vida sources only organic & fair trade coffee beans. They strive to work with community farms rather than large distributors to ensure sustainable practices are being rewarded.
  • All coffee is hand-roasted in small batches rather than the autonomous machine roasting larger producers employ.
  • Pour Vida uses advanced technology to track every individual batch to make sure it meets their high-quality standards.
  • Pour Vida keeps no roasted inventory, which ensures every bag they sell is as fresh as possible.
  • Pour Vida is an e-commerce based business, with subscriptions and single bag purchases that allow for coffee to be delivered to your doorstep.
  • Pour Vida also has a wholesale program and will hand-deliver fresh-roasted coffee to restaurants and businesses in the Albuquerque area.

Are you looking for fresh food and fresh coffee in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area? Well, we have exciting news! Pour Vida Coffee Roasters has partnered with Squash Blossom Local Food Incorporated in Santa Fe, New Mexico to include bags of fresh-roasted Pour Vida coffee in Squash Blossom’s Blossom Bags.

Squash Blossom Farms was founded by Nina Yozell-Epstein who has been working in the food and farm business for years. She has a passion for the local New Mexico community and a commitment to preserving family farming that supports the local economy. Given values like these, it’s no surprise we jumped at the opportunity to work with Nina and Squash Blossom Local Food.

Their food has also been locally sourced by Santa Fe businesses like La Choza, The Shed, and The Compound, just to name a few.

Founder & CEO, Nina Yozell-Epstein | Coffee Santa Fe
Squash Blossom Founder & CEO, Nina Yozell-Epstein

Fresh-roasted Pour Vida Coffee can be purchased in Blossom Bags from Squash Blossom which is an easy way to get fresh food. Blossom Bags are fully customizable and are comprised of a curated selection of the best local farm products and specialty artisanal food products from small mom and pop businesses in and around the Santa Fe area. Just like Pour Vida coffee, ordering from Squash Blossom is easy and free of commitment.

coffee Santa Fe Blossom Bag from Squash Blossom

In Blossom Bags, you can not only get fresh roasted Pour Vida coffee, but you can order:

  • fresh vegetables & fruit
  • fresh herbs
  • eggs, dairy, and cheeses
  • jams and jellies

To learn more about Squash Blossom Farms and if you’re in the Santa Fe area and want to order a blossom bag, visit Squash Blossom’s website at

Chemex Brew Guide by Pour Vida Coffee Roasters

Here at Pour Vida, we absolutely love the Chemex. It’s one of those timeless inventions that provides a simple solution to brewing coffee. The Chemex Coffeemaker has a very distinct shape. It is a manual, pour-over style glass-container coffeemaker that was invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941, and continues to be manufactured by the Chemex Corporation in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

What you need:

42g ( 6 Tablespoons) of Pour Vida House Roast coffee

8-cup Chemex

1 Chemex Filter

Hot water (205°F)

(Jennings CJ4000 4000g x 0.5g Digital Scale seen above)

Coffee Grinder
(Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill seen above)

Steps to Brew with the Chemex Coffee Maker

  1. Set your kettle to boil
  2. Preheat the brewer (otherwise it will pull the temperature out of the coffee while it’s brewing)
  3. Prepare the filter: you’ll notice the filter has multiple folds and a single fold. The multiple folds need to be going towards the spout.
  4. Pour hot water over the paper filter evenly around the edge to form a seal. Just enough for about an inch at the bottom of the Chemex. Discard the water and place the Chemex back on the heat.
  5. Pour in your coffee. The grind is about that of a table salt, not too course but not too fine.
  6. Zero out your scale
  7. Start your timer. Now begin to pour water from the kettle, about 150g of water
  8. Saturate grounds, stop pouring
  9. Stir out any dry clumps throughout the brew
  10. Wait around the 45 second mark to start your second pour
  11. Pour more hot water from your kettle to just about 1/2 inch above the rim.
  12. Wait another 45 seconds and fill to the top of the brewer in a spiral motion until you reach around 700g of water
  13. Now we wait! brew for about 4 minutes
  14. Remove the filter and place in your sink
  15. Now you have around two cups of Chemex coffee to enjoy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (July 25th, 2016)
Erin Ferreira
Pour Vida


Pour Vida roasts coffee in its North Valley warehouse and ships to all 50 states for free.

Albuquerque, NM: There is a common theme in truly great coffee: freshness. There are many noteworthy origins and varieties, but coffee consumed within 10-14 days of roast will beat anything store-bought. The grocery store model isn’t efficient enough to get coffee on the shelves in under a week of being roasted, and that’s why they seldom even show a roast date. Albuquerque has many great local roasters, but it is an extra errand to run every week and most people are already juggling busy schedules.

Enter Pour Vida. This Albuquerque start-up crafts high-quality coffee that ships within 24 hours. Through a special partnership with the US Postal Service, their coffee will arrive within 5 days of roasting in all 50 states, and within 2 days in New Mexico. Even better, shipping is absolutely free!

Here’s how it works:

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“The fact that this coffee is roasted just two days before I grind it and brew it makes an enormous difference in flavor. I didn’t know what I was missing.” – Jason

“As a self-proclaimed coffee snob who wouldn’t wince when having to pay a premium for the best coffee bean and roast–I am impressed!” – Shaun

“From the moment I opened my mailbox, and experienced the scent of fresh roasted coffee, I knew that I’ve never had coffee this fresh before.” — Kyle
Pour Vida has gone to great length to produce the highest quality coffee:

• Pour Vida sources only organic & fair trade coffee beans. They strive to work with community farms rather than large distributors to ensure sustainable practices are being rewarded.
• All coffee is hand-roasted in small batches rather than the autonomous machine roasting larger roasters employ.
• Pour Vida uses advanced technology to track every individual batch and makes sure it meets their high quality standards.
• Pour Vida keeps no roasted inventory, which ensures every bag they sell is as fresh as possible.
• Pour Vida also has a wholesale program and will deliver fresh-roasted coffee to restaurants and businesses in the Albuquerque area.

About Pour Vida: Pour Vida ( was founded by Erin Ferreira, Arien Gessner, and Jamie Rushad Gros.

• Erin Ferreira is a NM attorney that attended law school at UNM, and the former Children’s Cabinet Director for the state of New Mexico.
• Arien Gessner is an Albuquerque-based business strategist with degree in Economics and an MBA from UNM.
• Jamie is a designer, web developer, and technology thought leader with a degree in Fine Arts from UNM. Jamie has received many design awards, including a Gold Addy Award.

The underlying concept behind Pour Vida began when Arien was attending the EMBA program at the Anderson School of Management. Arien was as award winner in UNM’s annual business plan competition, which provided the initial start-up capital for Pour Vida.

• For more information on Pour Vida or to request photographs, contact Erin Ferreira (
• For more on UNM’s EMBA program, contact Audrey Arnold (
• For more on UNM’s Business Plan Competition, contact Suleiman Kassicieh (